A Healthy Church: Our Ministries

A Healthy Church: Our Ministries

Originally posted on October 24, 2005

The fifth thing Grace Community Church needs to remember as we move our congregation to a new location is that being a healthy church requires us to carry out a balanced ministry.

We all hope to mature physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We give our children opportunities to develop in these ways. If our children spent all their time on the playground developing physically, we would worry about their intellectual growth. If they spent all their time alone doing math problems and no time with other children, we would worry about their social growth. The point is we want them to have balanced growth and to develop in many areas for the one purpose of becoming fully mature.

Church health is like child health; it requires balance. At Grace, we seek church health through three primary ministries.

We Gather to worship God, pray, and proclaim His word. In this way we increases our knowledge, love and devotion to God.

But we don’t spend all our time in Sunday worship, we also Grow as disciples of Jesus and in fellowship with one another. We teach each other. We serve and love each other. We help each other heed the words of Jesus. We build up each other and the whole church in faith.

Along with gathering and growing, we Go into the world with the gospel of Christ. We take the gospel to others with words, deeds of mercy, concern and compassion for others, service in Christ’s name, and an authentic life of faith.

To be a healthy church, we must give attention to our upreach in worship, our inreach in discipleship and fellowship, and our outreach in evangelism and missions. In others words, we must have balanced church health.

Just a few more days before the move. Keep remembering the important things with me.

Pastor Scott