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What is unique about the love that is expressed in the life of a Christian? Many people show compassion to others in the world, but how is it different with those who have confessed Christ? Justin and Scott look back at Sunday's sermon to address...

God and his love come to, into, and from us by the Spirit who has been given to us. The Spirit of God rebirths our spirit, pours God's love into our hearts, and produces the fruit of love in us. God abides in us. Let...

Justin and Scott discuss how God has shown his love to us, and how that can impact our love for him and for others.

Since God has loved us in Jesus Christ, we ought to love one another with self-giving, others-focused, good-seeking love. Text: I John 4:7-21

This Sunday we started a new sermon series on the love of God. Justin and Scott highlight the importance of God being the source of how we perceive and define love. God is love, but love is not God.

God is a personal being and love is an attribute of his nature, so all his actions are done in love. God's actions define love, so we know love by his Son, Jesus Christ, whom he sent. God and his love abide in us through...

Matthew 22:34 - Matthew 22:40

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