How You Should Vote

How You Should Vote

Originally posted on October 21, 2004

Now that the title of this e-message got your attention, notice that it says how to vote, not who to vote for. As a pastor, it is not my role to tell you who to vote for in an election. It is my responsibility to help followers of Jesus who live in a democratic society understand how voting can be an exercise in Christian discipleship.

Official church endorsement of a candidate in an election is a violation of the laws that apply to non-profit organizations. Grace Community Church does not endorse particular candidates in an election.

We do, however, encourage participation in the political process. As Christians, we believe that the Lordship of Jesus Christ extends to all areas of life. We believe that Christ’s Lordship in our lives leads us to carry out the civic responsibility of voting in a way that honors Him. In other words, our faith in Christ tells us how to vote.

Richard Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, encourages Christians to practice Values-Based Voting.

“Our faith in Jesus Christ should impact every aspect of our lives. If our Christian faith is to impact our behavior every day in every way, should it not then impact our decisions when it comes to casting our election ballot? This is called ‘values-based voting’.

“First, identify your values on the issues in the election debate.

“Second, compare them with biblical teaching on those issues and make certain your views are in accord with God’s Word.

“Third, compare your convictions with those candidates among whom you must choose.

“Fourth, after praying for God’s wisdom and guidance, cast your ballot for those who endorse your convictions, values and beliefs. Being salt and light means, among other things, voting your values, your beliefs and your convictions.”1.

I hope these four principles of values-based voting will help you understand how to vote on November 2. Most of all, I pray that we will each seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in our public and private life.

Pastor Scott

1. Richard Land, Salt and Light in the Public Square, Southern Seminary Magazine, Fall, 2004, pg.6, v.72.

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